Tumblr RIP

You know what the most frustrating thing is?

It’s not about porn…

We were given this platform with ultimate freedom and it could have gone a million bad ways… instead, we used it to appreciate bodies, we used this platform to spread awareness of issues that made life better for millions, some people used this platform to gain support to defeat all types of obstacles from depression to cancer, and we genuinely found peace and solidarity with ourselves by expressing our weirdness and individuality with people who appreciate those sides of others. A lack of censorship on here empowered people who otherwise would have felt caged, it gave confidence to people who felt voiceless, and genuinely had a positive impact on politics all over the world.

Tumblr made a conscious effort to filter and censor that side of this place while “freedom of speech” continues to exist in the form of Nazi and white-supremacist propaganda. That’s honestly what I cannot believe.

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