The addicted becomes chronic

I’m a lifelong addicted masturbator. It’s the only sex I can perform. I’ve been solosexual for over ten years in that Penis satisfies me completely and I’m not interested in anyone else. I’ve perfected cum denial so that I haven’t cum in almost two years and don’t expect to ever cum again. Penis has adapted by getting hard on demand and remaining hard as long as I stimulate him.

I love Penis. Penis is my lover, my husband. I love to masturbate. I began masturbating more, at least two hours each morning and a few shorter times during the day. I crossed a line a few weeks ago. My masturbation addiction has become chronic. My body needs the endorphins, and I feel very uncomfortable if I have to go longer than a couple of hours without stroking Penis. I wake up at least twice during the night and can’t go back to sleep until I masturbate.

I have no choice. I am a slave to Penis. Penis rules my life. Penis rules me. I have to masturbate constantly.

I love being a chronic masturbator. Penis is constantly sensitive and begging for attention. Nipples, too, are sensitive, and often when I can’t openly touch Penis I can massage my nipples. With my cock ring Penis is always at least semi hard.

I am totally devoted to Penis. I am One with Penis. I am Penis.

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