Penis, I beg you to make of my loin-fire a magnet and a calling to my brothers so that when I stoke it and focus it in my worship of you, you make of my loin-fire a magnet, calling to my brother, signaling to my brothers, drawing us one to the others. I beg this of you, God Penis, so that we can weld our fires each to the other, so we can worship You and embrace and serve you more fully and completely. I ask for my Brotherhood so that my lifework of worshiping God Penis can be realized.

Glorify Penis

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  1. My precum stroked from a day of Phallus Worship is dedicated to your devotion and work as a Priest of Phallus. Richard, I recognize and give praise, were I only able to take your nuturing fluids and honor the bonds Brothers in Phallus are bound to unite and revel in. May your voice continue to be heard and your seed fall upon fertile minds of recruits to GODCOCK.

    1. Thanks, Brother Tim! Your dedication to Penis is to be commended. We are One in love of Penis.

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