Constantly maintain an image of God Penis firmly in your mind. Keep Penis in both your conscious and cosmic memory at all times. Carry or wear a Phallic image. Install a picture of Penis on your phone so you can view it when you can’t see Penis in person. When you can’t hold Penis in your hand, touch and caress Penis through your pants. Never wear underwear, for Penis prefers not to be confined. Be proud of the shape of Penis showing through your pants. By keeping Penis in mind and through constant touching, Penis will remain semi-hard for others to admire. Show Penis openly with reverence and pride wherever permitted by cultural rules. And worship God Penis in the Holy Sacrament of Masturbation as much as you are able. When you can’t be masturbating, think about and plan the next time you can hold Penis in reverence to perform the Sacrament.

This is our solemn duty as Phallic Brothers in the worship of God Penis and followers of Lord Priapus, our loving Father. We belong to Him and we are His servants now and forever.

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