I do not seek love. I am in love with Penis. Penis is all I want. Penis is all I need. I am devoted to Penis.

I want to masturbate continually, with no beginning and no end, so that I am One with Penis. I need to masturbate as I need to breathe.

My desire, that I plan to fulfill, is to be naked always with Penis in my hand. This is the solosexual lifestyle. It is the best life for me.

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  1. At the end of March 2019 I am happy, pleased, and thrilled to say that I have fulfilled this desire. I am completely, totally dedicated to Penis. I masturbate constantly day and night. I am Penis!

  2. Just stumbled on this site when searching for inspiration.
    Not sure how old you are Richard but I am 82, living alone, totally solosexual, and able to fully saisfy my sexual urges on a weekly basis. With the help of the blue pill and a nice sloppy baby oil session in front of my computer.
    Have not had sex with a woman for 28 years after menopause killed the libido in wife. I do not miss it and have little real interest in fucking anything other than my fist, toys, and pillow etc. Wife knew all and never complained.
    Happy to chat with anyone.

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