My Worship Experience

My worship is much the same from day to day. I’m solosexual and so I masturbate all the time. The thing about masturbation is that even though it looks the same, it’s always different. The masturbator’s goon is an experience of heaven and God is intimately present.

My day begins when Penis wakes me before dawn. I want to wake up because Penis is hard and I’m excited to masturbate. I’ll sit up in bed masturbating for about an hour, maybe pick up the phone to check emails and Tumblr posts from my online bator brothers.

Then I get up and go to another room, where I arrange my phallic altar. I set a small bowl on the floor and fill it with Holy Piss, my first piss of the day. I cleanse my hands with Holy Piss, anoint my head, my pecs and nipples, and finally my cock, balls, and ass by immersing them in the golden fluid. I dip my phallic necklace in the bowl of Holy Piss to consecrate it. Finally, I raise the bowl to my mouth and drink from it to complete the consecration of my body.

Now I grab the jar of Albolene to lube up Penis and continue to masturbate Penis while I pray and often read some penis adventures. Next I perform some yoga poses, all of which glorify Penis.

Finally, I prepare for my medibation by taking a hit on my marijuana vape pen to relax my body and enhance the feeling in Penis. I apply my masturbation balm this time to Penis and nipples. In my medibation I reflect on my solosexual brothers who are masturbating with me, as well as my brother members of the Tribe of Priapus and the Temple of Priapus. We are many miles apart physically, but we are One in Penis masturbation. During the medibation I hold Penis, maybe stroke slowly, and drift into a penis trance — another encounter with God in an experience of heaven.

Now I am ready to start my day and continue my masturbation day.

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