When you masturbate, do you sometimes feel like you are entering a spiritual state? Does your head ever get totally peaceful, or thoughts just flow through you like water? Do you sometimes get your best ideas while pleasuring yourself? If so, you may already be practicing what I call “Medibation,” a combination of masturbation and meditation.
As an artist, I regularly medibate for creative inspiration. Sometimes I medibate to gain clarity on a specific question or issue in my life. Other times, I simply go into a Zen state, really paying attention to the sensations moving through me. With medibation, I can reach the most peaceful states I have ever known.

Creating your own medibation rituals:

  • Spread the love. Touch more than just your genitals. Touch your whole body. This spreads the good feelings out from your genitals to the rest of your body, especially to your heart.
  • Keep it Simple. This can be very relaxing and nurturing. Empty your mind, let your whole body relax, and focus on your breathing. Think Zen masturbation.
  • Incorporate masturbation into your existing spiritual practice. Bring erotic pleasure into your yoga routine, your walking meditation, or your nightly prayers. Notice what happens when you begin to join your eroticism with your spiritual expressions.
  • While you masturbate, tell yourself “I love you. I’m here for you.” Murmur sweet nothings to yourself. “I will always love you. I will always take care of you.” That’s right; whisper them out loud to yourself! Try it! If that feels too strange, then say them silently.
  • Don’t have an orgasm. That’s right, I said don’t! Once in a while it’s wonderful to masturbate just to pleasure your body, and charge yourself up. Retain any turn-on to keep yourself energized throughout your day.
  • Explore what is going on deep inside you. Masturbation is a natural mood elevator. A great time to get in touch with your deeper feelings and express them. I have learned that all different kinds of feelings can co-exist with sexual ecstasy. For example, you can be highly sexually aroused, and simultaneously feel sadness, anger, longing, confusion, guilt, or depression. Simply witness your thoughts and your feelings while in a state of arousal.
  • On occasion, be as creative and thorough as you would be if you were with a lover. If you break a sweat you get an A-plus.
  • Be an alchemist. Imagine your sexual energy coming up from your genitals to your heart, and when it gets to your heart, transmute it into love, and fill your heart with your love.
  • Be a sexual healer to yourself. If you have a headache for example, or menstrual cramps, masturbation is a fantastic cure. Use masturbation as medicine for whatever ails you.
  • Visualize and feel that you are healthy, happy, and well loved.
  • Be grateful. While you are masturbating, simultaneously think about all the things in your life that you are grateful for.

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What a wonderful word: medibation. It expresses in a single word the ritual that I perform each morning. I wake up early naked as I slept with a powerful erection. I check Tumblr to discover what messages my worldwide brothers left during the night. I get up, pour a cup of coffee, light candles, open the blind that was covering a window that faces east, and sit with Penis in hand watching the sky grow brighter. I use ample amounts of Albolene but never attempt orgasm. Finally I will perform hatha yoga, a seated meditation with Penis in hand, followed by a walking meditation after putting on shorts and sandals.

I’ve expressed it here before but it’s worth repeating: Penis is God because God is in Penis. I meet God in and through masturbation. This is medibation. It’s how I start each day and end each day and practice as often as I can during the day and night. It has become and is my life as a dedicated masturbator and spiritual being.

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