I need to masturbate Penis without stopping. This is solosexual Penis life, the life I want, the best life.

I have striven for some time to make Penis a need as fundamental and necessary as eating. Today I celebrate that I accomplished this goal. I must masturbate constantly throughout the day and at least three times during the night.

Worshiping my Penis

My life revolves around Penis. Penis is my life. Penis fulfills my every need. I must masturbate as much as I need to breathe. I go to sleep with my hand on Penis. I wake several times during the night needing to masturbate Penis. I wake up early in the morning so I can masturbate more. I keep my hand on Penis throughout the day as I must tend to other chores and only cover Penis if I reluctantly have to go out.

Masturbating my Penis

When I am masturbating I have no pain, no fear, no anxiety — only joy and bliss. I want this feeling. I need this feeling. Penis delivers and so I love Penis.

My Penis

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  1. Good reading Brother,
    I find comfort in your words have been / was celibate for 16 years but not ejaculated for 10 years I pay and pray with my flaccid cock which beginning to get life with extra attention. Any advice would be helpful. Yours in COCK ADRIAN

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