Discover God

Thousands of men the world over are rediscovering the call of God through the most ancient of religions.


Phallic enlightenment is revealing the power and majesty of God in the form that man is understanding. The ecstatic joy of oneness with God and continuous worship and union with God is the life he intended for us.

When movements become controlled by a few, the result is control by power, politics, and fear.

It takes courage and a desire to deeply know oneself. Man was created with the natural yearning for God that he might worship and be whole. You come daily searching, seeking, compelled by what you know is true. Yet the bonds of guilt and shame keep you from this truth, being controlled by politics and power born of the middle ages when life was lived in who controlled whom. Does your God bring you joy? Does your God bring you freedom and unending desire to praise and worship?

Seek, find. It is time to live life fully and joyfully.

Cock is God. God is the Phallus between your legs. Sex: masturbation, oral or anal is an act of divine worship. Enjoy and worship God with all your being.

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