DARE TO DANCE WITH GOD: Celebrating Penis Through the Act of Gooning

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When we submit to worship of the Penis as our Lord and Saviour and admit that we are cleansed and anointed by His Holy Semen, celebration must surely follow.

However, herein lies a challenge: the guilt and shame inherent in our cultural relationship with the Penis remain powerful motivators. They may be effective in getting us to conform and “tow the party line” but they are not so effective in teaching us to dance. Trying to celebrate the ecstasy of our faith whilst being driven by guilt and shame is like trying to dance in a straight-jacket.

Overcoming the barriers that guilt and shame erect around us requires a concerted decision to celebrate. It necessitates a conscious choice to ignore the protestations of that critical voice in our heads that never wants to risk being seen as outlandish or extreme.

It requires that we release control of our bodies to the spirit of the Penis and allow our Self to become a “living sacrifice” to our God.

To become a “living sacrifice” we are renouncing all semblance of repression, guilt and shame. The spirit of the Penis is set free within us and is made manifest in the ecstatic joy of the Goon as we masturbate in praise.

The Goon expresses the purity of the pleasures of the Penis. It is bestial; animal – innocent and free of all human malice, inhibition and constraint. It embodies the very essence of joy. To some it may appear degenerate and farcical but to the worshipers of Penis, the Goon is a state of exquisite bestial bliss and beauty with which nothing in this world can compare.

To Goon is to commune with God.

This is why we seek to reveal our Goon to the world.  Joy such as this must surely be shared! Witness the joy of our Holy ‘Cummunion’ with Penis! See that we are one with God in Holy Ecstasy!

This is the true spirituality of the Goon – we offer up our Self as a “living sacrifice” to the Penis, our God. To do so is to be utterly freed of guilt and shame as we celebrate the joy of our devotion in the ecstasy of His praise.

Masturbate in His praise.

by JohnnyHorneXXX

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