Written to a man who desires to enter a life filled with constant masturbation.

There are undoubtedly many thousands, maybe millions of men who live the bator life. You may already know the joy of frequent masturbation. Experiencing this ecstasy all the time is the perfect life.
You will undoubtedly be erect for at least eight hours out of 24. Penis erections come and go in cycles throughout the day and night. With continual stimulation your penis will never be completely flaccid. Even when soft, caressing penis continues to flood your body with exquisite feeling.

You will want to edge. Climax to a dry orgasm again and again but never ejaculate. When you do eventually cum, take a short rest, maybe get dressed and go for a short walk. Think about penis while you are out, then strip off your clothes as soon as you enter your home and begin masturbating again.

Believe me, I know, the bator life is the best life, the only way to live.

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