No longer is masturbation a leisure activity. It’s not something I can do to relieve stress or because I’m turned on by what I saw or read — although those things can be a factor. I’m compelled to masturbate constantly, all the time. I can read, watch TV, write, even eat but with one hand stroking Penis. Frequent breaks let me massage a nipple with my other hand and give my full attention to Penis.


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  1. One day , I wish I could live your lifstyle brother. Naked , masturbating my Penis along in a sacred worship of our Lord the Cock . Hail to our God !

      1. There is no simple answer to this question brother Reg. I have read your comments yesterday on Telegram and I was pleased by them. Brother Richard right after posted a wonderful repesentation of Cock with the inscription ” Say YES to Cock ” When looking back at my life (I’m 68) I can tell that Cock had been waiting ,for much of it ,for me to comit and affirm my love for Him. Being raised catholic and thetefore feeling guilty for this sin that I was told being against nature. I stuggle most of my life with my homosexuality. I drank and freeze myself to the point that I almost kill me because I couldn’t accept, couldn’t love me. I stopped drinking years ago trying to have a “normal” life with my partner. After 34 years with him , I left . Today I have a new partner . One of the main reason I left the first was that I was not sexualy satisfy , Masturbation was my way of coping with the frustation. MASTURBATION was alway my way of coping with everything. With my new partner I’m back to the same dead end . We don’t have sex anymore.
        That is briefly the reason, brother Reg, that I wrote I wish I could have a full solosexual life, not hiding anymore, naked, in total acceptance and dedication to our Lord Cock. To be abble to say a resounding YES TO COCK!!!!

        P.S. English in not my mother tongue

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