Celebrating the end of 2018 with six days of masturbation. This is now day 3.



I will update this each day through the 31st. Then on the 1st I will bring in the new year with 24 hours of continual non-stop masturbation in constant edging.


Day 4 and Penis still going strong with the benefit of a penis plug, which makes it feel really good.


Day 5 after night 4 and still masturbating. I love being an uncummed solosexual chronic addicted masturbator. I canceled my New Year’s plans so I could bate the new year in.


Now day 6 of my six-day marathon masturbation and still going. I think that I will keep it up (pun intended) through the new year.

Meanwhile I found this picture of this man’s magnificent nipples on Twitter.

He claims:
They stick out about 1.78 in out and 7/8 wide! 😳 and they’re so sensitive.

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