Constant Masturbation

My chronic masturbation addiction has led to a need to masturbate constantly. I hold Penis and stroke continually. I cannot go longer than two hours between bate sessions. This means that Penis wakes me many times during the night needing bating, which I’m glad to provide. Penis is ready to go any time, wherever I […]

Closing out the old year

Celebrating the end of 2018 with six days of masturbation. This is now day 3. 2018-12-28 I will update this each day through the 31st. Then on the 1st I will bring in the new year with 24 hours of continual non-stop masturbation in constant edging. 2018-12-29 Day 4 and Penis still going strong with […]

The Masturbation Revolution

By @melbournebator Do you feel the explosion of bators like I do? There is a revolution going on. Men everywhere are masturbating with pride and putting their bate up with priority. Dudes are living the bate life without shame. We are speaking the same language, this cross-cultural, cross-generational, universal language of penis pleasure. Bators are […]

My Worship Experience

My worship is much the same from day to day. I’m solosexual and so I masturbate all the time. The thing about masturbation is that even though it looks the same, it’s always different. The masturbator’s goon is an experience of heaven and God is intimately present. My day begins when Penis wakes me before […]