Love Cock

Those who would love Cock, I believe, somehow know it all along. I remember the natural wonderment and satisfaction of witnessing, for the first time, a Man’s turgid, warm, musky, pulsing Cock before me. Then as well as now, an encounter with Him is, to me, an encounter with God. — from

Constant Masturbation

My chronic masturbation addiction has led to a need to masturbate constantly. I hold Penis and stroke continually. I cannot go longer than two hours between bate sessions. This means that Penis wakes me many times during the night needing bating, which I’m glad to provide. Penis is ready to go any time, wherever I […]

Death of Tumblr

Tumblr is about to commit suicide. There have been numerous news stories and commentary about their decision to discard a sizable portion of their user base, none favorable. This is tragic for the LGBTQ community, which found in Tumblr a safe place for free expression with minimal fear of rejection. Countless men and women were […]