How to Devote Your Entire Life to Penis Worship

Every Morning as I Wake As I come out of sleep I touch, stroke, and fondle my Penis to bring Him fully awake. I wake and kneel in prayer to Penis for about five minutes. I celebrate a brief Masturbation ceremony (depending on my time no shorter than 15 minutes). After I Cum (or decide […]

DARE TO DANCE WITH GOD: Celebrating Penis Through the Act of Gooning

From @hornyjohnnyxxx When we submit to worship of the Penis as our Lord and Saviour and admit that we are cleansed and anointed by His Holy Semen, celebration must surely follow. However, herein lies a challenge: the guilt and shame inherent in our cultural relationship with the Penis remain powerful motivators. They may be effective […]

My Worship Experience

My worship is much the same from day to day. I’m solosexual and so I masturbate all the time. The thing about masturbation is that even though it looks the same, it’s always different. The masturbator’s goon is an experience of heaven and God is intimately present. My day begins when Penis wakes me before […]