Learn How to Become a Strong Proud Masturbator

Devote several hours every day to your Penis Train your Penis: don’t cum for anything Sniff poppers every day Bate till your brain melts Watch porn unreasonably, edging your Penis Talk about Penis with addicted bators Worship your Penis like a God In doing all these things you will have a life that is abundant, […]

Constant Masturbation

My chronic masturbation addiction has led to a need to masturbate constantly. I hold Penis and stroke continually. I cannot go longer than two hours between bate sessions. This means that Penis wakes me many times during the night needing bating, which I’m glad to provide. Penis is ready to go any time, wherever I […]

The addicted becomes chronic

I’m a lifelong addicted masturbator. It’s the only sex I can perform. I’ve been solosexual for over ten years in that Penis satisfies me completely and I’m not interested in anyone else. I’ve perfected cum denial so that I haven’t cum in almost two years and don’t expect to ever cum again. Penis has adapted […]

My Worship Experience

My worship is much the same from day to day. I’m solosexual and so I masturbate all the time. The thing about masturbation is that even though it looks the same, it’s always different. The masturbator’s goon is an experience of heaven and God is intimately present. My day begins when Penis wakes me before […]