The Life of a Compulsive Masturbator

This was the year — 2019 — that I accomplished my goal to be a compulsive masturbator. I am proud to declare that Penis masturbation is my life. Family and friends still have their place, and of course I still must shop at the grocery and attend to doctors’ appointments. But when I’m home I’m […]

I Need Penis!

I need to masturbate Penis without stopping. This is solosexual Penis life, the life I want, the best life. I have striven for some time to make Penis a need as fundamental and necessary as eating. Today I celebrate that I accomplished this goal. I must masturbate constantly throughout the day and at least three […]

My Hero

This man, @luckybator190 ( on Twitter, knows that Penis is life. He knows that there is no need for family, friends, or any social life. Penis is all we need. We solosexuals are blessed in the love of Penis. Penis is our lover, our lord and master, our saviour and redeemer, our constant companion, and […]