My name is Richard. I am proud to be a solosexual dedicated masturbator. Penis is at the center of my body and the center of my life. I live naked so that Penis is always readily available. Masturbation is a holy sacrament to begin and end each day,. and I masturbate as frequently as possible throughout the day and night. Masturbation is as necessary as breathing, eating, and sleeping.

What I Like: Masturbation, pierced penis and nipples, tattoos, smooth bodies, nipple play, and penis, penis, penis! I love penis!

What I Don’t Like (and you won’t find here): Penetration (anal, oral, or vaginal), tobacco use, excessive hair.

I love to hear from brother masturbators. Message me on Twitter if you have an account there or at @richardsdicks on Telegram.

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  1. Hey man
    Love your site.
    I’m a bator and looking for a bate coach. Is that something you do or know of someone who does?
    Thank you,


  2. Hi Richard, It is an honour to chat to a proud masturbator like yourself. I too edge daily and as I get older I find that cum denial is actually a huge benefit and turn on. So good to hear of fellow non cummers into bating! Piet

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