This was published on Tumblr a few years ago; I no longer know the author. It is well worth posting again.

The Penis Is Alive

The first principle of this Phallic philosophy is that the Penis is alive. As a man, you carry between your legs a living sentient being. The Penis is a thinking feeling life form, with its own needs and desires quite apart from those of the man. The separateness of the Penis becomes apparent at an early stage of development, when a young male experiences the Penis becoming erect without any act of will on his own part. The Penis grows erect of its own accord — as an act of its own will. Thus, even at an early stage of a boy’s development, it is clear to him that Penis is both alive and somehow ‘other’.

Man and Penis Are Symbiotic

The second principle of the Phallic philosophy is that the relationship between the man and the Penis is a symbiotic one. The Penis feeds upon the man’s life force, extracting a blood supply and life sustaining nourishment from the man’s body. In return the Penis supplies the man with sexual gratification and pleasure. However, the relationship is not strictly one of balanced equilibrium, as The Penis is generally dominant in terms of its will. This brings us to the third principle.

Man Is the Possession of Penis

In the Phallic philosophy, a man does not possess or in any sense own the Penis. The Penis does not belong to a man. Rather it is the man that belongs to the Penis. The man is the possession. His body is the vessel that carries upon it the living, sentient Penis. This dominant quality of the Penis has been the subject of much consternation over the centuries as mankind has sought to deny this basic truth, attempting to shackle and control the will of the Penis through moral and religious prohibition. These prohibitions have (of course) failed and in many cases caused actual harm as the Penis reacts to its repression by reasserting its will in acts of sexual violence.

The Penis MUST Be Masturbated

The fourth principle of this Phallic philosophy is that the Penis MUST be masturbated. All Penises are possessed of this desire and as a man you are required to acquiesce to this need whenever it arises. The act of masturbation is devotional and reinforces both the symbiotic bond as well as acknowledging the subordinate nature of a man’s relationship with the Penis that he bears. To masturbate is to serve the Penis and recognise the dominance of its will.

The Penis communicates its need for masturbation through thought engrams that it transmits into the man’s brain. The man experiences these as powerfully distracting ‘cock-thoughts’ — sexual thoughts that the man finds impossible to ignore. The Penis will then begin to grow to full erection in preparation for the man demonstrating his supplication and devotion by masturbating.

The man’s obedience in the correct execution of the act of masturbation is rewarded with pleasure. The Penis releases waves of sexual gratification into the man’s body. This pleasure is like nothing else that a man experiences in nature and can only be obtained through the compliant observance of devotional masturbation. A man will therefore crave this pleasure. In this way the Penis ensures the continued obedience of the man and reinforces its possession of him.

Freedom Is Found Through Enslavement to the Penis

The fifth principle is that only by submitting to complete enslavement to the will of the Penis can a man discover the meaning of true freedom. Recall that society has sought to control the power of the Penis and its dominance over men through various religious and socio-political structures throughout the ages. To submit to enslavement by the Penis and allow both thought and action to be subordinate to its will is to release the Penis from these sociological shackles. The Penis is thus liberated. It is through this liberation that the man can experience true freedom, released from the imprisoning and repressive moral and legal codes of society.

The Penis MUST Be Witnessed

The Penis is a being of intense sexual beauty that both enslaves and empowers the man. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so like all things that are beautiful, the Penis must be beheld by others. Thus, it is the duty of the man to exhibit the Penis to other men in acts of sexual display. This is a basic need of the Penis, and men will frequently experience this need as an overwhelming desire to masturbate in public places or to photograph themselves’ masturbating for others to see.

Often, in less enlightened males, this compulsion is poorly understood. They will not know why they feel so driven to expose their masturbation to others. For the enlightened, it will be clear that to reveal your masturbation to another is to honour both the power and the beauty of the Penis.

Through being witnessed, the Penis has its power and beauty validated and strengthened. By witnessing another’s masturbation you act to validate the power and the beauty of that Penis. Thus, the act of sexual display is a service that men can perform for each other to validate and reinforce their supplication to the Penis.

To Become Pornography Is a Noble Sacrifice

As has already been stated, the act of sexual display is a service that a man can perform for another man to validate and reinforce the other’s supplication to the Penis. When this is done by two or more men in the presence of each other, they all serve to reinforce the supplication to the Penis of themselves and of the others. There is a direct benefit to the Self in this act of mutual validation.

A more selfless (and thus noble) act is to allow the Self to become an object or icon of validation for other men to use in their masturbatory devotions. This can be achieved through the act of becoming pornography — allowing the Self to be photographed and filmed in a state of sexual arousal in order that the images can be used by other men at any time to inspire and feed their own masturbation. This is a selfless act because the pornographic object himself gets no direct validation from his use as a masturbatory aid. Rather, his validation is in the act of allowing himself to be sexually objectified and transformed into pornography for the benefit of other men that he has never and in all likelihood will never actually meet.

This is a noble act of self-sacrifice that ought to be praised, for he exhibits the joy of his own supplication to the Penis freely and without inhibition or shame. This is truly an act of Phallic liberation.

The Gooning Man Is the Manifestation of the Living Penis

When a man goes about his daily business in the world, going to work or dropping the kids at school etc, the Penis is effectively dormant. The man — that guy that the world sees every day — is dominant. This balance is reversed completely when a man masturbates to the point of gooning.

Gooning occurs when the man is entirely taken over by the Penis, a condition that can be enhanced greatly by the inhalation of ‘poppers’ or the use of some other intoxicants. The Penis inhabits the man’s entire body; his eyes becoming the eyes of the Penis staring in wonder-lust at the erection between its legs; his hands become the hands of the Penis, touching and caressing the erection; his mind becomes the mind of the Penis, knowing only the pleasure of masturbation. The man’s face contorts into a primal, simian grimace, his tongue protruding from his mouth, dripping with drool like that of a ravenous animal. The Penis has become the man.

When you witness another man gooning, you are witnessing the emergence into the light of that which was repressed — Homo Erectus: the pure, primitive beast that is within all men. To the unenlightened, The Gooning Man can be a terrifying sight. To another committed masturbator, The Gooning Man is the most beautiful thing in the world, so utterly shameless in his naked sexuality. The Gooning Man IS the Living Penis and it is a privilege to bear witness to his manifestation and re-emergence into the world. Praise Him with devotional masturbation!

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