Closing out the old year

Celebrating the end of 2018 with six days of masturbation. This is now day 3. 2018-12-28 I will update this each day through the 31st. Then on the 1st I will bring in the new year with 24 hours of continual non-stop masturbation in constant edging. 2018-12-29 Day 4 and Penis still going strong with […]

No more Tumblr

I wrote my last blog post on Tumblr and deleted my account, finishing at 12:02 am EST, Monday, December 17th. They don’t want me and I don’t need them. Besides this, you can find me on Twitter at (Somebody took @richardsdicks in August.) I’m liking Twitter. They took the step to ask if you […]

Death of Tumblr

Tumblr is about to commit suicide. There have been numerous news stories and commentary about their decision to discard a sizable portion of their user base, none favorable. This is tragic for the LGBTQ community, which found in Tumblr a safe place for free expression with minimal fear of rejection. Countless men and women were […]