Masturbation is the highest and greatest form of sexual activity. Masturbation towers over all other forms of sex because it is the most selfish, and therefore self-loving and self-affirming path to sexual pleasure. Masturbation is safe. Masturbation is pleasurable. Masturbation cannot result in the burden of parenthood. Masturbation cannot spread disease. Masturbation is good. The […]

Masturbation, Edging, and Gooning

Masturbation: a duty and responsibility to pleasure yourself, always — a biological need that is indisputably normal, proper, male, and beautiful; it is not ‘beating off’. It’s embracing maleness and pleasure — for which there is no legitimate argument against. Edging: the (albeit far too rare) realization in men that penis can, if you just […]

I Am Blessed

An extraordinary gift has been granted to a few men by endowing them with an addiction to penis masturbation. This usually begins through self-discovery in early childhood, although any man can willfully addict himself through ever more frequent masturbation as an adult. The addicted man masturbates constantly by feeling, massaging, and stroking his penis at […]


Every man has sexual urges that are, in truth, needs. This is much like the need for food nourishment, except that if not satisfied it does not manifest in obvious changes to the body in the way immoderate eating does. However, sexual deprivation will have a deleterious impact on a man’s subconscious mind. Western culture […]